Far Eastern State Institute of Arts provides education on the basis of the following documents:

The Program Name


The Diploma

The Previous Educational Level 

Training Cost (in Rubls)


Graduate Programmes

Specialist's Degree program
5 years The diploma of the state sample The average (full) general education, Average vocational training 220 000 / year

Bachelor's degree program

4 years The diploma of the state sample
The average (full) general education, Average vocational training 220 000 / year

Master's degree program

2 years The diploma of the established sample with qualification "Master"
Bachelor's degree link

 Postgraduate Training Programmes

 Assistantship training programmes (for performing musicians) 

2 years The diploma of the state sample with qualification "The artist of the highest qualification. Teacher of creative disciplines in higher education" Specialist's /Master's degree 210 000 / year
Scientific postgraduate study (Dissertation writing) 3 years The diploma of the state sample 
Specialist's /Master's degree 187 000 / year



The General Requirements

To receipt for the first year of training foreign citizens not more youngly are supposed 18 years. The entrant should have the diploma about the termination of the full high school full of specialised high school or the diploma about presence of average vocational training equivalent document of the state sample of the Russian Federation.

The entrant should possess musical abilities and have vocational training on one of the musical specialities, corresponding to requirements of the Far Eastern State Institute of Arts and successfully to stand introductory tests. To the entrants arriving on a basic course, it is necessary to have level of knowledge of Russian not below the base. At receipt, on Russian testing is held.   


Entrance Examinations

The Вachelor, the Expert:

  • Speciality (program execution)

  • Мusic Theory. (In writing and orally)

  • Colloquium (interview)

  • Russian (testing)



Training of foreign citizens is carried out of the program postgraduate course (Assistantship training):

  • 53.09.01 The art of musical instrumental performance (by type)

  • 53.09.02 The art of vocal performance (by type).


  • Reception of documents required for admission to the training program of training of highly qualified personnel - program post-graduate studies, carried out from 10 to 22 June 2016.
  • Entrance examinations are held from June 23 to July 4, 2016.

Submission of Documents

Foreign nationals are:

  • Diploma or Master;

  • The certificate of equivalence of his Russian diploma, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science or other centers of expertise, have the right to the recognition and establishment of equivalence of documents on education, scientific degrees and titles obtained abroad and in the Russian Federation, as well as the issuance of the relevant documents;

  • Notarized translation of diploma and notarized translation of the application of the Diploma;

  • A document confirming the knowledge of Russian language (diploma of the Russian university, a certificate of delivery of the second level of the certification standard tests in Russian as a foreign language);

  • The three 3x4 photos;

  • List of the works in the repertoire of the applicant, diplomas, certificates confirming participation in competitions, festivals, and other creative activities;

  • A photocopy of the identity document.


Applicants are three entrance tests in the post-graduate course (Assistantship training):

  • Exam by specialty;

  • The exam in a foreign language (Russian as a Foreign Language).


Gallery Institute


The Institute has a well-maintained 5-story dormitory on 228 seats, allowing to place non-resident students, assistants, interns.

During entrance exams hostel provides 150 beds nonresident applicants. Living in a dorm parents or relatives is not provided.

Address: 690091 Vladivostok, ul. Ensign Komarova, 35-A. Driving directions from the academy to the hostel and back is not required.

Head of the hostel - Denisov Eugene G.

Phone hostel watch: 240-29-03.