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Far Eastern State Institute of Arts provides education on the basis of the following documents:

Since 2009, the Institute has been headed by Prof. Andrey M. Chugunov, prizewinner of international competitions. 

The Foreign Department of the Institute was established in 1998. Its aim is to strengthen the international links with the Asia Pacific countries and to make the Institute enter the international market of education services.

The main task of the Department is the intake training of foreign students in art disciplines.

The largest group consists of the students from Peoples Republic of China, Republic of Korea, and Japan. Training is available in all the disciplines provided by the educational programmes of secondary and higher vocational education. Academic process is managed by the Institute faculty of the highest caliber.

Since the establishment of the Foreign Department, 59 foreign citizens have graduated from the Institute. Many of them are engaged in successful performance work or teaching activities in their countries. At present, the Department numbers 99 foreign students.

Foreign students are actively involved in the artistic practices of the Institute. They take part in concerts, exhibitions, various contests and festivals. More than once, the student group of the Foreign Department has won prizes at the Festival of Foreign Students of Siberia and Russian Far East held annually by the Far East Federal University, Vladivostok, and taken part in the Festival of Korean Culture. Among the students of the department, there are winners of international and regional competitions.


Training programmes of the Institute are as follows:

  • secondary vocational education (the college of the Institute);

  • higher education programmes of three levels: bachelors degree, specialists degree, and masters degree;

  • post-graduate studies training academic professionals;

  • internship;

  • skill development.